About Us

Board of Directors

To Our Children’s Future With Health Inc.
Korima Horton, Awardee, Ronnie Sara Halper, Gina Roose (Secretary), Robin Foster-Drain (President), Steven L Sanders (Treasurer), Michael Horsey, Randall Drain Jr, Frank McClellan

The diversity of To Our Children’s Future with Health’s Board of Directors reflects the holistic and multidisciplinary approach that drives TOCFWH’s mission. The Directors provide expertise in various disciplines: law, community medicine, social work, investment management, and executive leadership. What’s more, the Board is enriched by the distinct backgrounds and lived experiences that comprise its membership.

The Agency’s strategic decision-making processes are underpinned by the Board’s commitment to legal and ethical integrity. Directors work together with management to further TOCFWH’s strategic goals by consistently providing feedback and guidance that engenders effective organizational planning, sound governance, and prudent financial management. Through a healthy blend of support and independence, the Board ensures that TOCFWH remains strong and will provide vital services to at risk communities for many years to come.

Senior Staff

Robin Foster-Drain, M.D., MPH, Founder & President

To Our Children’s Future with Health (TOCFWH) Inc officially opened in the fall of 1992.  I say “officially” because it had already opened in my young heart as I traveled daily from Queens through Harlem in my father’s car to attend the Walden School.  Walden was a progressive school that emphasized the importance of fairness, justice, and quality of life for all people.   In addition to observing the many challenges of Harlemites, I noticed the community’s uplifted spirit, and it exhilarated me, especially when I saw children.

After completing my graduate degrees in public health and medicine, I decided to dedicate my life’s work to disease prevention and securing good health for inner city children and families.  Government public health departments offered me various career opportunities, but my heart was set on work in underserved communities.   I felt that preventive medicine’s platform to improve the quality of lives combines powerfully with my own ability to create and implement effective community health strategies.  It was then that I decided to start an organization  rooted in and energized by the communities it proudly serves.

Charmaine Sudler Milligan, Director of Services

Mrs. Charmaine Sudler Milligan, currently serves as the Director of Services at To Our Children’s Future with Health (TOCFWH), Inc.  She is a wife and mother of three young adults. She has worked for TOCFWH for 24 years in different capacities. Throughout her tenure with TOCFWH, she has been instrumental in obtaining government and foundation program grants; many of which she is responsible for implementing in the North and West Philadelphia communities.  Her responsibility also includes the oversight and management of the agencies two community collaboratives, of which one she was instrumental in establishing.

A Philadelphia native, Mrs. Sudler Milligan invests in her community daily on a personal and professional level. Her work includes: collaborative building and advocacy work related to the wholistic care of youth, adults, and seniors; addressing health disparities and health justice/equity, youth development, and youth substance use and harm reduction.

Mrs. Sudler Milligan’s commitment to her spiritual health and well-being is what guides her love of people and community.  She uses her skills to enhance the faith and community-based organizations/boards she serves on.

Pilar Fernandez-Blakey, Director of Programs

Pilar Fernandez-Blakey, has been with To Our Children’s Future With Health Inc. (TOCFWH), for just over 20 years. Prior to working with the TOCFWH team of professionals, she was working in the Investment world. Her experience with opening lines of communication between clients, customers and businesses, would prove to be an asset when working with the myriad of programs that has come through TOCFWH, throughout the years.

The tireless energy and effort put forth to foster relationships with the families and youth in the communities TOCFWH serves has proved to be most rewarding. Because of the close relationships forged between families and students she is known affectionately as, “Ms. P”.  She believes that children learn what they live, and sometimes, it does take a village to raise a child. In order to guide our youth in the right direction we have to be the positive role models they need in their lives.