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Nicetown-Tioga Improvement Team (NTIT)


Nicetown-Tioga Improvement Team (NTIT) online

Nicetown-Tioga Improvement Team is a Registered Community Organization that is comprised of over 40 collaborative members who work in partnership to address neighborhood residents’ needs for: Housing Education Employment Self-development Community advocacy The collaborative functions via the subcommittees determine community programming operations, develop and maintain community healing and memorial gardens, support community-sponsored health fairs and…

West Philadelphia Community Health Change Coalition (WPCHCC)


West Philadelphia Community Healthy Change Coalition “WPCHCC,” since 2010, TOCFWH coordinates the WPCHCC, a coalition comprised of individual/leads focusing on a drug-free community. Agencies Hospitals Universities Schools Faith-based institutions Elected officials Residents Youth Families We meet up every third Monday of the month.

Yoga and Mindfulness


Wind down on Friday evenings with gentle yoga and quiet mediation. Yoga and meditation relax the body and mind and reduce stress and anxiety. Join us for a nourishing practice where we will breathe and move to connect to our innermost selves. Register for the yoga by calling us at (215) 879-7740 or (267) 267-8976.